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Between Vision
and Immersion

Hold the largest luminous park in each territory

A colourful mission

As the display industry steadily expanded in the province in the early 2000s, Prismea, formerly known as Multisystème, entered the market in 2001, quickly establishing itself as one of the major players in the production of illuminated panels.

With an insatiable thirst for seeking out the most innovative technology, Prismea has dedicated itself to guaranteeing high-quality product design, manufacturing and sales to its loyal clientele.

The company quickly developed its expertise in LED technology light frames, designed to meet the needs of its various customers in the corporate, events, arts and retail sectors.

Proud of bringing to life all those images unworthy of dullness. Every single one.

Values that guide us, even in the dark.

Expertise de Prismea


Thanks to our advanced expertise and commitment to superior service, we offer unbeatable expertise that satisfies even the most exacting customers.

Collaboration chez Prismea


We value mutual commitment, cooperation and close collaboration within our team and with our customers to achieve the most ambitious projects and attain the best possible results.

Satisfaction client chez Prisea

Customer satisfaction

Our commitment to fully understanding your needs and providing tailored solutions, combined with our service-oriented approach, ensures a seamless customer experience and utmost satisfaction.

Our team



Engineer by training, Christian now runs Prismea with passion.

Like a Swiss Army knife, he oversees the management of suppliers, the manufacturing and installation of our illuminated frames and customer satisfaction with unwavering passion and energy.

Christian is always on the lookout for the latest trends and innovations in lighting and advertising displays and loves to take on challenges and break boundaries to offer customers cutting-edge products. He prides himself on providing exceptional service, constantly monitoring the quality of his products and offering customized solutions that meet individual needs.



Melissa, our administrative head at Prismea, is our point of contact for customer care, supply management, accounting, and post-sales service.

She masterfully juggles all these duties to ensure optimal monitoring of our projects and processes. Like a true magician, she illuminates the company's procedures with her professional and expert touch.

Her humane, collaborative approach creates a radiant, positive working atmosphere, encouraging creativity and professional development.
Son côté humain et collaboratif apporte une ambiance de travail lumineuse et positive, propice à la créativité et à l’épanouissement professionnel.



Isabelle is Prismea's production expert! Her tasks include production, inventory management, shipping and quality control. Her outstanding talents enable her to handle even the most complex tasks effortlessly.

Moreover, her approachability and human touch are essential to teamwork.

Thanks to her expertise and unfailing dedication, Isabelle brings a magical touch to each production stage at Prismea. Her creativity and versatility do wonders to ensure the company's products truly shine. Having Isabelle on board makes every project a stimulating and successful venture.

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