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The leading manufacturer of backlit
lighting panels.

For all your marketing needs

Reveal, display and show off all your facets.

Experience the magic of backlit frames for all your advertising needs!

While marketers seek ways to catch our attention, using illuminated frames provides a sensory interaction between the message and the consumer. 

For all your corporate needs

Show all of your colors

Highlight your skills and expertise!

Do you want to showcase a specific message in your office or practice? Combine modernity, brilliance and technology with our innovative backlit panels, engineered to create instant love at first sight.

For all your artistic display needs

Show all of your colors

Prismea is the leading supplier of creative lighting solutions for art galleries and trade shows. As experts in bringing art to life through light, we provide your guests with a real immersive visual experience.

At Prismea, we push the boundaries of lighting to bring your ideas to life.

We've been supporting and encouraging printers, advertising agencies, exhibitors and interior designers to dream in colour since 2001.

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